As a professional manufacturer of low smoke, halogen-free and flame-retardant special wires and cables, Zhengzhou Radiation Cable Co., Ltd. has strong vitality since its inception, and its Ludu Cable is a well-known product in China.

1、Born from time to time, it has a long history.

As a product, the birth of Green Capital Wire conforms to the objective law of historical development and the basic idea of choosing a responsible attitude towards life. Under the guidance of innovative and leading basic business ideas, the company put forward a new product direction in 2008, and the country also put forward the requirements of upgrading, increasing efficiency, transformation and upgrading of the industry in 2012. From the product direction, it conforms to the general trend of the principle.

2、Draw on the righteousness of the earth, its momentum is immense

At the beginning of its establishment, the company was different. From the product and market positioning, it highlighted that the company relied on innovation to survive and develop. Today, the company draws on the righteousness of the earth and embodies the basic principles of taking virtue as the first and combining virtue with talent from the values to the view of employment and development. It grasps the most genuine honesty, integrity, kindness and courage in human nature, firmly roots in the fertile soil of the Central Plains, deeply cultivates the civilian market, and makes the future of the company follow the track of righteousness through positive and optimistic work. And go away.

3、Enjoy the world's talent, its strength is very strong.

Now the company has entered a period of rapid growth. With the development of the company, more talents will join us. We will absorb fresh blood and reform the old team with an open mind and lifelong learning attitude, and strive to make the best of our talents and advance together. Through the continuous construction and innovation of their own culture to admire the world's elite events, gather the strength of all the wise people across the majestic barriers.


Born from time to time, it has a long history.

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