Under the order of the restructuring of state-owned enterprises, Zhengzhou Cable (Group) Co., Ltd. (formerly Zhengzhou Cable Factory), a large state-owned enterprise with nearly 5000 employees in the past 50 years, carried out a vigorous restructuring in 2007. As the top 500 state-owned enterprises and directly under the First Machinery Industry Ministry, Zhengzhou Cable Factory has brought its accumulated talents, technology, management and other advantages to the market in the process of restructuring. The elite team from the management, production, management and finance of Zhengzhou Cable Factory, adhering to the indomitable and leading enterprise spirit of Zhengzhou Cable, established Zhengzhou Radiation Cable Co., Ltd. on December 15, 2008. Based on Zhengzhou Cableman's deep understanding of irradiation and nuclear technology for more than ten years, the "Green Capital" halogen-free low smoke flame retardant crosslinked polyolefin insulated wires and cables have been developed jointly by the listed companies relying on the technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Over the years, relying on excellent quality and unremitting efforts, it has been promoted to a well-known cable brand in the Central Plains. It has sold hundreds of millions of cables in the construction industry alone, providing millions of households with high-quality, environmentally friendly cable products.
With the call of the rise of the Central Plains of the government, we invested in Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone again in 2013. More than 5,000 square meters of standard chemical plants and office buildings have been established, and production equipment and testing equipment synchronized with the world have been introduced. Its products have passed the inspection of the National Wire and Cable Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and the quality assurance system has passed the international certification of the British Intertek.
Zhengzhou Radiation Cable Co., Ltd. is a company with inheritance. We know that our growth depends on the recognition of customers. Thanksgiving and reward are our inherent genes. At the same time, we are a developing company. The concept of indomitable and leading has already been integrated into the blood and bone marrow. If we want to inherit and develop well, we can only achieve high quality and environmental protection in products and innovation and win-win in services. We sincerely hope to fulfill your hope, grow up in your concern, and work hand in hand with you to create the future!
Zhengzhou Radiation Cable Co., Ltd

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